Gallery One (South San Francisco). One Scrap At A Time ~ Virtual Quilting & Fiber Art Exhibit. My work was included in this group show.

(Art Museum at Sejong Culture Center, Seoul, Korea). Exhibition #1: Special Art & Design International Exhibition. ~ Artwork title: Public Notice. Media: paper and thread.

Art Museum at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea. Exhibition #2: KSBDA 2020 International Conference and Invitation Exhibition. ~ Artwork title: Avoid Clutter. Media: mixed media.

Saskia is represented by Monteal-based contemporary art gallery Galerie Le Royer. In May of 2018 the gallery highlighted a selection of the large the embroidered Playboy pieces.

Sister and brother team up to exhibit their artwork. Sibling Rivalry is aptly named due to the opposing styles of Saskia van Kampen and Dimitri van Kampen. Dimitri's work is abstract oil painting while Saskia works with mixed-media and makes a difinitive feminist statement with her pieces. 

As we progress through life, as individuals and as a culture, we decide what to hold on to and what to let go of. As individuals we hold onto mementos that serve to remind us of specific experiences and moments in life. The passing of time shifts the importance of this ephemera and we let them go. Tastes evolve—clothing, hairstyles, music, and other material and spiritual things are cast aside and replaced by that which reflects who we are here and now. Even more challenging is when some of us must cast aside our nationalities, our homes, our family, and our friends. Some of us shed traits... more

April 30th - May 30th 2015:
Works by Saskia van Kampen
Reception Thursday April 30 7-9 pm
Graven Feather, 906 Queen Street W.

Since the Victorian Age, needlework has become highly gendered, constructed as women’s work, and is seen as a symbol of obedience. My work illuminates this notion by exposing society’s constructed ideals of female servitude by stitching together consumer product packaging (such as beauty products, feminine hygiene products and food products). The pieces of packaging are compiled in... more