Prepping the Poster for STLHE

Iterative Practice, Iterative Pedagogy: Integrating Writing and Studio Education to Foster Reflective Teaching and Transformative Learning in the First-Year Graphic Design Classroom

Over last semester Nancy Snow, Emilie Brancato and myself have been collecting work from our first year core course, Communication Design 2 for a pilot study at OCAD University that looks at writing as part of the iterative process in the studio classroom. We have been analyzing the data this past month and have made some very exciting discoveries. 


Last week Nancy and Emilie presented our preliminary findings at this year's STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) Conference held in Vancouver.

The Poster was well recieved and we look forward to a more in depth look at the date we have collected.

Question 1: Using WAC-informed activities, how can writing best be integrated in a meaningful way into a first-year design studio classroom (Communication Design 2)? 

Question 2: Once writing activities are integrated meaningfully into a studio classroom, what effect do they have on students?

The Team:

Emilie Brancato—ELL Specialist, Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing & Learning Centre, OCAD University
Emilie Brancato is an ELL Specialist in the Writing & Learning Centre, OCAD University.  She collaborates with faculty to support discipline-specific writing and language-skills development and develops and delivers WAC and ELL resources and programming.

Nancy Snow—Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design, OCAD University
Nancy is a graphic designer and lecturer at OCAD University.  She teaches foundation studies and has presented on reflective studio practice in the early stages of design education at AIGA conferences and the Writing PAD’s 2015 Designing Critical Messages Symposium.

Saskia van Kampen—Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design, OCAD University
Saskia van Kampen is a graphic designer and assistant professor at OCAD University. She has presented on critical design pedagogy and reflective studio practice at RGD Design Educators Conferences and the Writing PAD’s 2015 symposium.