January 2011

Georgetown and Jealousy – PART 2 (continued from last post)

300Jeannette Lorito PaintsPaints in Jeannette Lorito's studio.

Katie and I climb up the basement stairs and walk back into the small farmhouse living-room where a huge fish wallage hangs – glittering little fish swim out from underneath ribbons of fabric seaweed.  I thank Katie and follow Jeannette up the narrow wooden staircase into her studio. The sun is streaming in through the windows. The white walls and pale blue floors gleam and sparkle and remind me

Georgetown and Jealousy. PART 1

291Katie McLellan_1Five Trees on a Hill. Stained glass by Katie McLellan – image from katiemclellan.com

It’s a bright and sunny and bitterly cold January afternoon. The city slowly slips away behind me and rail fences begin to appear criss-crossing their way through the white, white snow. I am on my way to Georgetown and I can already tell I am going to be very, very jealous.

I zip right past the driveway and have to double back. I miss it because it hasn’t been plowed, just tire tracks and I hold my breath as my 11 year-old Toyota Echo lurches it’s way towards

The Art of Seeing.

277Rudolf Bikkers Genesis II 2009.jpgGenesis II by Rudolf Bikkers, 2009

I still remember the day, in my first year OCAD figure drawing class, when I was taught to see.

I was using conté to define the shadow under the breast of the model when my instructor came up behind me with an eraser and showed me how every surface reflected off of each other creating highlights and shadows that we miss when we look instead of see. I was speechless as I watched him use the eraser to uncover all the details that I had failed to see. That breast became real, 3-dimensional, believable and I became humbled.

Yesterday I spent an afternoon in the home of Rudolf Bikkers and I was humbled once again. This is a man who

2011 is gonna be great!

276Plum TuckeredLuLu might be plum tuckered out after all the Holiday madness but I am relaxed, geared up and ready to go. My list of new year resolutions started off with my goal to be more diligent with my online projects. I have already contacted several local artists whom I wish to interview for my blog and hope that these materialize. The artists that I have contacted are all spectacularly interesting and wonderfully diverse.

Tonight I met with my crafting friend from kempton Jones. She helped me figure out how to start my Baited Hook Handmade Facebook Fan page (COMING SOON). We also made an action plan for 2011. Some of the items on this list are:

  1. To do more market research for Kraft Karavan.
  2. To do more research on the craft shows that are going on.
  3. To look into the outdoor summer events that might be appropriate for us to participate in.
  4. To figure out ways of streamlining our processes.
  5. To remember to be happy in our crafting.
  6. To create a new Home Page image every month to keep up my illustration skills.

I have also started working on a new project that includes sock monkeys but in a whole new way from the plush versions I am used to creating.

It's going to be a great year.