March 2012

Urban Art Celebrated

443Bell Urban Art Project

The never ending arguments for and against graffitti will continue, I'm sure, until the end of time. The fact is – you really can't stop it. Mississauga wants to ban anyone under legal age from buying spray paint, broad-tipped markers or glass-cutting tools as these are all considered

Life as a House

431Detail from a piece by Lee Richmond.Detail from a piece by Lee Richmond.

I was surprised when I walked through the door of Lee Richmond's house. The living room was open, with lovely high ceilings, minimal furniture, little to no curios or bric-a-brac and everything was in it's proper place. There were only 2 pieces of art – one very large painting, by Lee, leaning against the living room wall and a framed black and white line drawing hanging beside the dining table. The reason for my surprise is that every artist's home or studio I have seen has been more cluttered with either walls jammed with art, stacks of supplies on desks or in corners, lots of "whatnot" sitting around or just complete and utter chaos. Lee is a collage artist, which is a

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