February 2012

A Date with Kelly Grace

430Date Night Series by Kelly Grace1, 2 and 3 from the Date Night series by Kelly Grace.

I am sitting in a neat little coffee shop in Leslieville, sipping a massive cappuccino and listening to my nifty new voice recorder. I just met with Kelly Grace. I had seen her mixed media pieces at the last few One of a Kind shows and each time I have fallen more and more in love with her "Date Night" series. That seems to be the way I buy art; I have to wait and if I keep thinking about it I know it's right. The other day these pieces popped back into my head so I decided to act and what a great reason to jump back into my blog writing.

I got utterly lost trying to find the studio that Kelly shares with

Happy Heart Day

418Etsy Paper art video

Paper sculpture is absolutely wonderful.

Watch this incredible video from Etsy of a beautiful art sculptue being put together using nail scissors, Xacto Knives and tweezers.



Don't forget to love yourselves!


The Grass is always Greener

417green grassOn my way home from work the other day I went a bit nuts. The week had been grey and dreary. This winter has hardly seen snow. Everything is brown and dead looking and that's how I was feeling. It seemed as though the sun