The Grass is always Greener

417green grassOn my way home from work the other day I went a bit nuts. The week had been grey and dreary. This winter has hardly seen snow. Everything is brown and dead looking and that's how I was feeling. It seemed as though the sun

had gone to Florida never to return.

Instead of turning down my street I kept on driving. I swerved into the Canadian Tire parking lot, bustled against the harsh cold wind and through the automatic sliding doors. I walked directly towards the garden centre, past the piles of unsold shovels and bags of salt. I stopped when I spotted the bags of potting soil. I grabbed a bag of soil and a bag of grass seed. I paid for them and left. When I got home I went straight to the basement. I found old jam jars and small pottery bowls and filled them with dirt. I dumped grass seed on and watered them.

Two days later I had little sprouts of green on the windowsills of all my rooms and the grey began to lift a bit. Now I have bright green grass in every room. It is very satisfying and will tide me over until I can get at my garden

416Green Grass 1