March 2013

A return and then gone.

584AlastairDicksonIn a shop window along Danforth. Sculpture By Alastair Dickson

One of my first blog posts that I ever wrote featured Toronto artist Alastair Dickson. I saw his work in a store front window along Danforth and new I had to speak with him. That same shop window has been empty for

Woodbine to Dufferin and Back

580I Love You

I believe that I am inching my way closer to my thesis topic for my Design Masters at York U.

It all started with the first project in Research Methodologies class taught by Sandra Gabriel. I walked along the Danforth and then along Bloor and photographed everything that caught my attention which turned out to be mainly the hand drawn signage in shop windows and chalkboard signs out front on the sidewalks. What caught my attention was the