September 2012

An event to share

I thought I would share this invitation to all my readers. It was sent to me by Nahùm Flores whom I wrote a blog on some time ago. CLICK HERE to read blog post.

Dear friends,


I am pleased to invite you to the opening of a new art space, Acadia Fine Art Gallery. I am part of a collective of artists showing at their inaugural exhibition. Please come and discover this beautiful space, which is on the third floor of the historical Acadia Bookstore. 
The opening reception is on Sept. 21, from 6:00pm to 10pm. I'll be happy to see there. It is located just east of Sherbourne on Queen.
Best regards,


This is it! The Cabbagetown Festival.


The months and months of hard work; crawling on my hand and knees cutting miles of fabric, screen printing and cleaning, printing and cleaning, folding, sewing and ironing for hours... we have arrived – The Cabbagetown Festival!

We arrived at Riverdale Park on Friday morning at 7:30 to stake our spot. Clutching coffees and chatting with the other sleepy vendors was the perfect way to start the weekend. At 8:00 Randy Brown, the Founder and Executive Director, biked down the park paths shouting out the "go-ahead" to