January 2013

Hello Old Friends


I just reintroduced myself to my Rapidograph pen set for my first studio2 project at York. I haven't seen these guys in about 15 years and I am so excited to start using them again. (Glad that I cleaned them really well the last time I used them). I'll keep you posted on the end result... Joy!

Shane and Gary are now models!

575Freedom Clothing Coleective

My Monkeys are now being sold at a great little shop on Bloor West called Freedom Clothing Collective. They just posted these two terrific shots of my darlings in their store.


Thanks for your support Freedom!


First Semester - COMPLETED!

­­­­­­­­­­564Detail. by Saskia van Kampen Detail from Greyscale Geometric with Tree by Saskia van Kampen


The final project for my York University Masters of Design 1 Studio class with Paul Sych is an exhaustive exploration into design principles and composition.

574Detail by Saskia van KampenDetail from Full Colour Exploration of all Elemnets by Saskia van Kampen


As a teacher of first year under-graduate design students I have become cognizant of how methods of learning are changing and how we as teachers need to address the shifting needs of our students. Over the past six years, I have observed that students, faced with constant technological advancement, experience difficulty distilling


563Baited Hook Handmade Commissioned Piece

In the spring of 2012 a colleague commissioned a collage from me for his wife's birthday. A dog portrait...

It was a fun but very challenging project capturing the specific personality in these dog faces. I knew them too well I think – the Black Russian Terrier terrifies me. I couldn't depict him as the blood thirsty and crazed beast that he is. I did manage to allude to the smell of the Newfie though, which makes me (and my colleague) laugh.