May 2012

My own personal oasis.

I usually write about other artists and their process, but from time to time I become slightly self-indulgent and write about my own experiences. In this blog I want to focus on my workspace because today, as I switched from varnishing a finished painting to sewing a huge pile of printed tea towels to sitting infront of my computer, I realized that between tasks I did not

Toronto Triptych – Part III

500Shaun DowneyRight – Pink Coco Drawing: brown conte pencil and white pastel pencil on paper.
Left – Pink Coco painting: Oil on canvas on panel. By Shaun Downey.

Shaun Downey is literally watching paint dry. He has finished sanding down his canvases and has applied another coat of gesso to both and is waiting for me patiently while I finish up with Kyle. The fans are aimed and at maximum speed, drying the canvases as fast as possible so that Shaun can put down another layer of gesso. "I need a really smooth surface because I do not want anything interfering with the painting. A texture blip that shows up in the

Toronto Triptych – Part II

499KyleStewartOil Painting by Kyle Stewart.

Kyle Stewart has been busily painting while I have been chatting with Gosia. The piece that he is working on is large and reminiscent of field grass just turning to its fall hue.  What strikes me the most about Kyle's painting is that it could be representative or non-representative depending on the viewer.  "My paintings are abstract and at the same time

Toronto Triptych – Part I


482Gosia_baitedhookhandmadeSticks in a basket beside a painting in Gosia's studio.

What better way to end a work week. I am picking up my Date Night pieces from Kelly Grace and also interviewing 3 artists for my next blog. Gosia, Kyle Stewart and Shaun Downey are all