March 2011

Too much!

Between teaching, working a full-time job, prepping for 2 craft shows, a giant freelance job and a massive home renovation I am very shy of time for my beloved blog. 

I ask you, my devoted readers, to be patient. I have a few stories that I am working on but not enough time to massage them into shape. I will be more focused in a few weeks but until then my blogging will be slim.

This week I will share a link to an inspiring video about a Dutch artist creating kinetic art that roams a beach in Holland.

Spring Arts and Crafts Fair.

This will be my first fair of the year!

Both Michelle, of Kempton Jones, and I will be vendors at the Oshawa Hungarian Cultural Club On Saturday April 9th. I wil be selling my Sock Monkeys and my new Monkey Plaques. Michelle will be selling her Owlies of Ontario, Tooth Fairy Pockets and I think she may have a few surprises up her sleeve.

The event is at 64 Albany Street. Oshawa, Ontario. It starts at 10 and ends at 4. Admission is free and there is a draw for a free gift basket.

Come help us celebrate SPRING!

I would drive you to their website but they prefer to do it hard copy only.
So why not take a gander at the Kempton Jones site instead.


New Monkey Product

345Monkey Plaque – ORANGEMonkey Plaque by Saskia. Quote by George Bernhard Shaw.

I am slightly obsessed with sewing sock monkeys. It is relaxing and feeds my inability to sit still. I can contentedly sit and watch a tv show without getting fidgety if I have a needle, a thread and monkey parts that need to be assembled. I only want to keep one monkey as my very own so what am I supposed to do with them once I make them? I try to sell them and I give them as presents instead of wine when I go to parties (which is why my friends think I'm a bit cracked). After last year's Christmas crunch sewing my fingers off for craft shows, even recruiting my mother and friend Marie to sew some limbs on for me, I decided that it might be wise to branch out and not rely so heavily on such a labour intensive hobby.

348Armsandlegsandtailsandears.jpgArms and legs and tails and ears

I do not want to stop working on monkeys so I have branched out into a new line of monkey products – monkeys as home decor. I call them Monkey Plaques. They are mixed-media collages with a pen and ink drawing of a sock monkey  inspired by quotes and song lyrics. Very few people can afford to buy original art so I have laser copied these portraits and adhered them to wooden frames. With  brightly coloured edges and a couple coats of water-based glossy varnish they make lovely little happy pieces that can sit or hang anywhere that needs a little ray of sunshine.

I am quite happy with how they have turned out.

346All 3 plaques

200 artists in 3 hours.

338GosiaBy Gosia. Image from

A dismal Friday evening in March. It's 6:00pm, it's pouring rain and I am reluctantly heading down to the Exhibition grounds. What I really want to do after a long week of non-stop work and renovation insanity is to go home and read a book in the bath until bedtime. But this will be my only free time this weekend and I was given tickets to The Artist Project from David Brown after we chatted a few weeks back. I had to go and say hello... at least.

340Alice Vander Vennen

By Alice Vander Vennen. Image from

The Artist Project is an annual art show in the Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place. Am I ever glad I went. Isle after isle of inspiring, diverse and innovative works of art. The best way to describe it is to show it.

341BEVERLEY HAWKSLEYBy Beverley Hawksley. Image from

342LAURA MUIRBy Laura Muir. Image from

343NAVA WAXMANBy Nava Waxman. Image from

I handed out many business cards so I hope to be able to write more on these and many other talented artists I met on Friday night. Thanks to you all for lifting my spirits on such a bleak Friday eve.

344Iaian GreensonBy Iaian Greenson. Image from


Check it out!

My fish was featured in someone else's blog!