Prepping Typology Assignment

design Type Nancy Snow

It was a great day yesterday walking down Queen Street between McCaul and John streets, photographing all the corporate and vernacular ‘design’ along the way.

Saskia design grafitti

Nancy Snow and I are putting together a kit of photos for our students to organize into a typology based on the elements and principles of design. Sound easy? HA!

Like Love bot Saskia deasign

This is an intense project that has students analyzing and critically engage with the vocabulary of design. Last year and the year before that the students had to take their own shots.

Hello Tag Sticker Graftiit

This year we are giving them a kit with approximately 300 images to sort through.

This way they wilkl all be working with the same images which will encourage them to discuss with each other how to categorize each shot.

Nancy and I are hoping that this will lead to a deeper understanding of design terminology.