One Fish, Two Fish—Whitehorse art installation

Yukon, fish, rapids, salmon, whitehorse

Walking along the Millenium trail that  follows the Yukon River leads you to the Whitehore Rapids Fishway. The fishway is an elaborate Salmon ladder to help the Salmon detour the hydro dam. While visiting the fishway there is a lovely art installation along the path to the outside observation decks called One Fish, Two Fish.

yukon, whitehorse, fish ladder, salmon, fishway, rapids

The installation is comprised of many wooden fish attached to metal stakes which have been designed by members of the Whithorse community. 

Yukon, first nations, art, fish rapids, salmon

The second phase was done by children from local schools. 

Whitehorse, yukon, art installation, fish

They are all a little weather beaten but that adds to their charm and also alludes to the unbelievable journey and struggle of the salmon returning to their natal grounds. 

collage, fish, art installation, wooden, sculpture