Another school year is over.

Even though teaching brings an element of insanity to my already hectic schedule, I always miss the interaction with my students and their unique and enthusiastic approach to design when it's over.

The last day of class seems fairly anti-climactic considering the struggle, hard work and effort that goes into teaching a class – and participating in a class. I know that my students are with me for only 4 months but I really do feel that it is worthy of celebrating. A fairwell of sorts, a bon voyage into their future – may it be as bright and... more

I woke up early, threw everything in the car and hit Michelle's house by 8:00am. Today we are driving to Oshawa for my first craft show of 2011. The Craft Show is taking place at the Hungarian Culture Club and I have been told that it is all about the food. The sun is shining, we have coffee, it's going to be a great day.

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Between teaching, working a full-time job, prepping for 2 craft shows, a giant freelance job and a massive home renovation I am very shy of time for my beloved blog. 

I ask you, my devoted readers, to be patient. I have a few stories that I am working on but not enough time to massage them into shape. I will be more focused in a few weeks but until then my blogging will be slim.

This week I will share a link to an inspiring video about a Dutch artist creating kinetic art that roams a beach in Holland.

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This will be my first fair of the year!

Both Michelle, of Kempton Jones, and I will be vendors at the Oshawa Hungarian Cultural Club On Saturday April 9th. I wil be selling my Sock Monkeys and my new Monkey Plaques. Michelle will be selling her Owlies of Ontario, Tooth Fairy Pockets and I think she may have a few surprises up her sleeve.

The event is at 64 Albany Street. Oshawa, Ontario. It starts at 10 and ends at 4. Admission is free and there is a draw for a free gift basket.

Come help us celebrate SPRING!

I would drive you to their website but they prefer to... more

345Monkey Plaque – ORANGEMonkey Plaque by Saskia. Quote by George Bernhard Shaw.

I am slightly obsessed with sewing sock monkeys. It is relaxing and feeds my inability to sit still. I can contentedly sit and watch a tv show without... more

338GosiaBy Gosia. Image from

A dismal Friday evening in March. It's 6:00pm, it's pouring rain and I am reluctantly heading down to the Exhibition grounds. What I really want to do after a long week of non-stop work and... more

My fish was featured in someone else's blog!

Hey Rube Designs posted a shout-out to my MONKEYS!
Thanks Rachel

337Huron Waves David BrownHuron Waves 16x16, 2008 by David Brown – image from

Approximately 15 years ago I was invited by some of my OCAD classmates to go to an event at the... more

317Deborah Uman Sures 1dreams & desires, by deborah uman-sures

With one eye on the road and another on the sky I begin my day. There are looming grey clouds just to the right, hanging over Lake Ontario. I wonder if this was a bad... more