394Starship4000What does one do to end the summer on a high note?

Go on mental rides, eat deep fried cola, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches with saurkraut and a pickle on the side, Tiny Tom's donuts, drink beer, get the hiccups, go on more mental rides... more

392Detail.August Already?

I just got back from a week off, dividing my time between relatives on Georgian Bay and my mom's Oasis East of Toronto. Both paradise for relaxing in the sun – although Georgian Bay can't really compare to cooling my feet in the kiddie... more

382Si Scott Bird detail
These past few weeks I have begun to build my lectures and assignments for my new courses that will begin in 2 month (yikes). I will be teaching Typography 1 and Graphic Communications 1 in the fall semester and... more

378Photo by Ross McAuley– photo by Ross McAuley

I thought that my next blog should highlight Spearhead Brewing Company. This is the company my brother started two years ago and it launched last week. The... more

375mimi owl music charmPhoto taken from etsy.com/shop/mimishop?ref=pr_shop

I went to my first baby shower of the season on Saturday. I am not one for knowing anything about babies, baby care or baby needs as I have a cat... more

373The Two Industrious GirlsMichelle Matsui of Kempton Jones and me at the first Kraft Karavan of 2011.

On Sunday Michelle and I had our first Kraft Karavan of 2011 and what a terrific success it was. The hostess was my mom and... more

370Crystal Stilts 2011Crystal Stilts Live in Toronto at Sneaky Dee's May 22, 2011. – image by Saskia.

Whenever I hit the wall and cannot find my creative energies I seek for inspiration in my music collection. Over the years my... more

369OCAD U New logo
- image taken from www.ocad.ca/
Being... more

The first time I tried to meet with Nahúm Flores he was unavailable because he was installing a show in Chatham. The second time I had to cancel due to a friend's illness. They say that the third time is a charm and indeed, it was our third attempt at meeting up that finally worked out. It was well worth the wait.

Nahúm was one of the individuals I met at the Artist Project. His work immediately caught my attention. The tiny delicate white wooden boxes with minimal, spidery line drawings were the pieces that drew me in to have a closer look. These littles boxes were so inviting and... more

357Cedric Sock MonkeyI hate to go on and on about how my busy life is but I really have just been keeping my head above water these past few months. When I start to think that the calm is almost here another wave of busy strikes and I continue treading... more