OCAD University has a new Identity.

369OCAD U New logo
- image taken from www.ocad.ca/
Being a graduate and now a teacher at OCAD University I have a first hand understanding of how difficult it would be to summarize this institution in a logo. One of our 3rd year design projects was to design a logo for OCAD (not yet a university). No one in our class nailed it. It is not an easy task especially now that is has become a University with a much broader outlook on the art and design world. 

The school has gone through several changes since I have known it, including several logo changes of which none have done the school justice. Until now.

The creative process brought forward by Bruce Mau for the development of this new logo was quite unique. There were open forums where students, alumni and faculty could be a part of the discussion. There were walls in the school dedicated to information gathering. Anyone could write their ideas for the identity and general thoughts about the school on note paper and stick them on the wall. This process was open to everyone.

On first glance the logo seems uninspired and, actually, a little dull. It is only one colour – black – for an art and design school? But it’s the endless possibilities and the unique individuality that has been captured in this truly inspired result.


–This post was originally written for SOS Design by your truly.