528BaitedHookHandmade_C!C!C!Singing at Monarch Tavern with Choir! Choir! Choir!

It's Friday afternoon at the office and I am giddy and quite frankly bordering on annoying because at 5:00 I will meet up with friends and head... more

513BaitedHookScrees for tea towel series.

Making sock monkeys these past few years has been a joy. Each pair of shiny button eyes and every

bovinesque nose has brought a smile to my face. Alas, their... more

I usually write about other artists and their process, but from time to time I become slightly self-indulgent and write about my own experiences. In this blog I want to focus on my workspace because today, as I switched from varnishing a finished painting to sewing a huge pile of printed tea towels to sitting infront of my computer, I realized that between tasks I did not

have to pause to move things around to make room for the next project and this pleased me. I then went to sit in my living room which neat and I did not have to wedge myself between a pile... more

500Shaun DowneyRight – Pink Coco Drawing: brown conte pencil and white pastel pencil on paper.
Left – Pink Coco painting: Oil on canvas on panel. By Shaun Downey.

Shaun Downey is literally watching paint dry. He has finished sanding... more

499KyleStewartOil Painting by Kyle Stewart.

Kyle Stewart has been busily painting while I have been chatting with Gosia. The piece that he is working on is large and reminiscent of field grass just turning to its fall hue.  What strikes me the... more


482Gosia_baitedhookhandmadeSticks in a basket beside a painting in Gosia's studio.

What better way to end a work week. I am picking up my Date Night pieces from Kelly Grace and also interviewing 3 artists for my next blog... more

474Saskia van KampenHat on a Windy Day. Mixed media. By Saskia van Kampen.

I met Raymond many years ago at our Singing From Scratch class taught by Linda Eyman. Raymond was convinced he was made for the stage while I decided... more

459Scribble_ChristineKimScribble. An installation by Christine Kim.

It is 6:00 PM. I am sitting on the front steps of a lovely old Toronto townhouse in Mirvish Village watching pedestrians and cyclists as they pass me by. This is... more

454MoxyTootsBucky by Moxy+Toots

I never get tired of walking through the One of a kind show. There's always something unexpected and always something I can't resist buying. This year I had to buy Bucky. What caught my eye with Bucky was the fact... more

443Bell Urban Art Project

The never ending arguments for and against graffitti will continue, I'm sure, until the end of time. The fact is – you really can't stop it. Mississauga wants to ban anyone under legal age from buying spray paint, broad-... more