A Painting for Raymond

474Saskia van KampenHat on a Windy Day. Mixed media. By Saskia van Kampen.

I met Raymond many years ago at our Singing From Scratch class taught by Linda Eyman. Raymond was convinced he was made for the stage while I decided that my talents lay elsewhere and I ended my singing lessons after a rather embarrassing

recital. Through Facebook Raymond and I have kept in touch over the years. Raymond had continued his lessons with Linda and joined her choir called Vocal Mosaic. He encouraged me to join as he knew that I missed singing and it is far less scary singing as a group than singing on your own. So I joined.

475Plan for Hat on a Windy Day. By Saskia van KampenPlan for Hat on a Windy Day.

We have picked up our friendship exactly where it left off.  One day he told me that he wanted to hire me to create a painting for his living room. The thought of doing a commissioned work was exciting and terrifying. It took me a month to gain the courage to begin - always coming up with some kind of excuse why today was not a good day for painting. But I did it! Once I started, I couldn't stop.

He calls it his very own "van Kampen."

Thanks Ray.


476Progress_SaskiavanKampenProgress on Hat on a Windy Day.