313chalk typeCustom piece for a wedding reception, by Dana Tanamachi

The design firm that I work for during the day is SOS Design Inc. The main client that I work with is Dancap Productions, a company... more

This weekend was a bit insane. I had my annual house party to celebrate the purchase of my house 3 Decembers ago. My mom met me at the office on Friday night and we immediately headed to the grocery store for all the ingredients we needed. We cooked all Friday night and all day Saturday in preparation for my guests. A big THANKS to my mom for all her help. And a big hug to Marie, my other favourite guest, who couldn't make it due to an injury – I know you were there in spirit Marie.

On Sunday morning I checked my email and discovered a note from a woman named Paola who had purchased... more

308Jen SpinnerPaper sculpture installation by Jen Spinner.

I’m all for experimentation and blurring the design/art boundary but I am still scratching my head after having seen Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) at the Gladstone Hotel on Saturday night.... more

300Jeannette Lorito PaintsPaints in Jeannette Lorito's studio.

Katie and I climb up the basement stairs and walk back into the small farmhouse living-room where a huge fish wallage hangs – glittering little fish swim out... more

291Katie McLellan_1Five Trees on a Hill. Stained glass by Katie McLellan – image from katiemclellan.com

It’s a bright and sunny and bitterly cold January afternoon. The city slowly slips away behind me and rail... more

277Rudolf Bikkers Genesis II 2009.jpgGenesis II by Rudolf Bikkers, 2009

I still remember the day, in my first year OCAD figure drawing class, when I was taught to see.

I was using conté to define the... more

276Plum TuckeredLuLu might be plum tuckered out after all the Holiday madness but I am relaxed, geared up and ready to go. My list of new year resolutions started off with my goal to be more diligent with my online projects. I have already contacted several... more

This weekend I hauled the artificial tree out of storage and dug the Christmas bins out from under the summer camping gear and began the yearly trip through Christmas-ornament history. My Christmas tree looks nothing like those spectacular trees in home decor magazines where everything is colour co-ordinated and themed accordingly. No, my tree is a hodge-podge of ornaments made by family and friends over the years. Many have decayed, having been made out of perishable items, and had to be discarded but most have survived and each ornamnet gets a chuckle before it is lovingly strung onto a... more

260Union Restaurantimage of Barbara Klunder mural, from www.union72.ca

Why does the holiday season mean that we jam one month with parties, get-togethers and catching up with long lost friends?... more

A guests at one of our KraftKaravan evenings was a woman named Heather Camlot. She is a freelance writer who does a weekly blog on sweetspot.ca. She wrote a fantastic blog about her evening at our KraftKaravan entitled The Crafts Around the Corner. Very Exciting!

Read... more