431Detail from a piece by Lee Richmond.Detail from a piece by Lee Richmond.

I was surprised when I walked through the door of Lee Richmond's house. The living room was open, with lovely high ceilings, minimal... more

430Date Night Series by Kelly Grace1, 2 and 3 from the Date Night series by Kelly Grace.

I am sitting in a neat little coffee shop in Leslieville, sipping a massive cappuccino and listening to my nifty new voice... more

418Etsy Paper art video

Paper sculpture is absolutely wonderful.

Watch this incredible video from Etsy of a beautiful art sculptue being put together using nail scissors, Xacto Knives and tweezers.

... more

417green grassOn my way home from work the other day I went a bit nuts. The week had been grey and dreary. This winter has hardly seen snow. Everything is brown and dead looking and that's how I was feeling. It seemed as though the sun

... more

412three owlsOwl sketches by Saskia van Kampen.

I needed to get a present for my friend Michelle. She is a person who has inspired me to look after my creative side and to get my butt in gear to persue my love of making things. In the last few... more

At our Kraft Karavan in Peterborough this year a woman named Susan bought a couple of my 100% organic catnip toys... She recently sent me this email:

"I bought the cat toys for my brother's cats, but my cat (a brat!) found them - on top of a 5 ft shelf - ripped them out of the plastic packages and is still batting them around!" 

When I am in the basement sewing up a new batch of these little pockets of cat joy my cat LuLu will get up off her lazy, fuzzy butt in the bedroom and join me. It's that enticing. How she smells it from that far away I will never understand.

... more

Here's to a terrific year.

I have been busily prepping for the winter semester. I like to include inspirational slides for my students. It helps to spark their enthusiasm, It shows what is current in their field and also shows the immense amount of possibilities and opportunities available to them.

I have been searching for excellent examples of graphic symbols and icons for my drawing translations class and stumbled upon Josh Brill. I was so excited by his work that I thought I would share a few inspirational slides with you as well. Let's see if this helps to increase your... more

400Troy Brooks - CybeleCybele. By Troy Brooks.

A year ago I was on my way to a meeting and I walked passed a small gallery on Queen East. If I wasn't such a punctual person I would have stood there for hours. The woman glared out of the... more

399Danforth Radio

In one week school starts and I begin teaching 2 nights a week again. I have been stressing out and working my butt off to prepare for the 2 new clases that I will be teaching this semester –Type 1 and Graphic Com 1. I brough my... more