3... 2... 1...

This is it! This is my very own blog where I can write about what I do, what others do and what inspires me to do.

My new website is very exciting. Being a very handcraft oriented person, the computer has always been my nemesis. Funnily enough I sit behind one at least 9 hours a day. A very good friend of mine lent me a helping hand with this site. He programmed it so that it is completely idiot proof and no matter what I do it works! We are working through a few minor glitches as my Monkey Business images are not visible and I cannot input images into this section yet. But I'm pushy and wanted to start writing so here we are.

At the present moment I am ramping up for the NEW BLOOR FESTIVAL. This will be the first festival that I participate in. I am sharing a table with a friend and co-worker who makes stuffed owls and screen printed items. We are excited but have a lot of work to do before Saturday!